1st Armor recognizes that providing a well-trained and knowledgeable officer corps is vastly important when charged with the protection of others. Additionally, there must be a process for continual training and updating to maintain that level of professionalism. We have recently augmented out training package to deliver what we believe to be the most comprehensive overall training.

Within an officer’s first year, he/she will have attended 40 hours of total training. 10 HOURS SECURITY 101 and 30 HOURS INSERVICE. All aspects of our training whether recruit training, specialized training, in-service training or roll call training are in place to enhance an employee’s ability to execute the tasks demanded in security work. Our comprehensive training program helps provide the company with employees who are better prepared to act decisively and appropriately in any given situation.

It is the policy of 1st Armor to encourage all employees to attend voluntary training courses in areas of interest to them, as well as the mandatory training or retraining required by 1st Armor. It is also the policy of 1st Armor to inform all employees of any changes in statute law, the court system, security practices, current threats and site specific rules and procedure updates. This information will be dispersed via roll call briefings, IN-SERVICE training and updated Post Orders.

General focus areas of training

  • Site Specific Operations
  • To develop and maintain professional communication skills
  • To develop and maintain physical patrol presence
  • To develop and maintain community relations
  • To meet and exceed all 1st Armor, city and site specific mandatory training
  • To keep officers up to date with the latest laws, patrol tactics



All new recruits must successfully complete 10 HOURS OF 1ST ARMOR’S SECURITY 101/ORIENTATION within their 1st 90 days. Officers become certified in FIRST AID & CPR within the first 6 months of employment (site specific). However, this training is available to all. SECURITY 101 covers all areas of Basic security guard duties such as; Visibility, Remaining Alert, Report Writing, Crisis Intervention & De-escalation, Verbal Judo, Emergency Response Procedures, Parameters of Authority and more. It is always followed by a block of SITE SPECIFIC TRAINING of assigned post including a review of post orders.

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