C.O.P.S Community Oriented Public Safety

C.O.P.S. embraces and fosters the belief that nothing surpasses what dedicated people, talking and working together, can achieve for the community.

1st Armor has instituted a program aimed at breaking down the walls between residents and police. While this program is aimed at our Special Police Operations, its benefits spread throughout our
entire operations and client base.

The goal of the C.O.P.S. Program is to prevent and repair problems within the community by building strong partnerships with its residents, Resident Service Coordinators and Property Management. Additionally, it provides for 1st Armor being a liaison to outside agencies that support local safety and community based program initiatives. In doing so C.O.P.S aims to improve the overall
conditions within our service community.

Many Public Safety and Security agencies support variations of Community Oriented Public safety or Policing Programs. However, the 1st Armor community-policing model is the practical application of our department’s belief that we must not only work for the community but do so from within the community as a member in order to reduce crime. We are proud to uphold a local hiring

1st Armor developed this program to find a practical and pro-active way to partner with our communities to help alleviate those tensions and anxieties that accompany urban living. C.O.P.S. endeavors to elevate the community of these issues that so drastically diminish quality of everyday life. The basis of ALL C.O.P.S. programming is to work TOGETHER. Every C.O.P.S. program or service finds its
beginning at the Resident Services level. All C.O.P.S. programming is SUPPORTIVE in nature. We are here to support any event or community activity that is initiated by the Resident Services or

Herein you’ll find a brief review of just some of our programming, however a full programming overview booklet is available and part of our initial introduction upon beginning a new partnership!

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OUR MISSION is to provide unmatched public safety and security while building lasting partnerships with our communities and those who support them.”