Boston Special Officer Program

All Boston Special Officers are required to complete an initial SPO TRAINING CLASS specifically designated by Boston Police Licensing. This two-part course of instruction includes 100 hours of BASIC SPO INSTRUCTION and 60 hours of ARMED SPO TRAINING. This course of instruction is certified by the Boston Police Licensing Division and includes the  following classes: Rule #400, Defensive Tactics “Handcuffing, Baton, OC Exposure, and Control & Restraint,” CPR/ First Responder, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Courtroom Procedure, Domestic Violence, Interview & Interrogation, Use of Force, Cultural Diversity, Community Policing, Ethics, Applied Patrol Procedure, Basic Firearms Safety (Pre-Required to Applying for a LTC), “Qualification at the Range and Handgun Retention,” Terrorism, Drugs, Inconspicuous Weapons, Juvenile Issues, Civil Liability, Gangs, Report Writing, and Drill & Ceremony.

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