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In a time of ever changing and complex security needs, 1st ARMOR sets the standard in professionalism and community relations. Our Command Staff has extensive and relatable experience in local Boston law enforcement operations, Boston Special Police Officer management, comprehensive community service contribution and accountable business management. Our Command Staff has been applying its combined operational knowledge throughout the City of Boston for more than twenty-five years. 1st ARMOR works hard to instill this locally based knowledge within the company’s officer corps. As a result of our local experience, we are able to provide the strong, accountable and community friendly protection services needed while ensuring the respect and peace of mind you deserve.

We know effective Public Safety must be responsibly reactive but understand reactionary policing and security alone has never been an effective solution. In order to develop an effective system to deter crime, 1st ARMOR takes a grass roots approach and in so doing, we build real partnerships within our communities. We understand to be successful and well received, we must be visibly proactive and transparent in our public safety efforts. We pride ourselves on our strong efforts to deliver attentive community support.

At 1st ARMOR we believe being an accountable community member is an integral part of the public safety effort. Therefore, all of our public safety and security planning consists of the following; responsive community support, regular resident and management communication, combined with visibly proactive operations.

1st ARMOR is proud to be one of the only minority owned and operated security agencies providing Boston Special Officer Operations in the City of Boston. We believe this gives us a unique insight and relationship into the everyday lives of our communities.

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OUR MISSION is to provide unmatched public safety and security while building lasting partnerships with our communities and those who support them.”